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CBS has now announced the licensing of “Star Trek – The Original Series Set Tour” in Ticonderoga, New York. The Tours are based on the meticulously re-created sets of the Star Trek Original Series, put together with loving care by James Cawley and scores of volunteers. Ticonderoga is the only location in the country with this CBS Star Trek license, and while at the Trekonderoga convention August 12-14 you can visit this very special place! Click [here] for the text of the CBS announcement!


Saturday night – August 13, 2016 –  James Cawley, the driving force behind the creation of the Studio and of the Trekonderoga convention, will be doing his top-rated professional Elvis impersonation music review with his band, The American Longboards, and his special guests, The B-Movie Blue Brothers. This will be a rockin’, rollin’, toe tappin’ good time!! The highlight of the weekend, this is not to be missed! Tickets are open to the public and you can get your tickets by clicking {here}.


Trekonderoga is offering two special VIP ticket packages for those looking for a bundle of exciting activities at special price.   Click {here} to check these out!

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Tickets Now Available Online!

An expanded menu of tickets for Trekonderoga – 2016 are now available online, both for our General Admission Tickets and our Special Events Tickets. Click {here} to review our Ticket Price List, and click {here} to purchase your tickets.


Following the successful Trekonderoga last year, the second annual Trekonderoga convention will take place on the weekend of August 12-14, from Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon. It will be held in Ticonderoga, New York, on the banks of Lake George and Lake Champlain. Trekonderoga – 2016 will again show its special nature as a small, intimate setting where you can meet stars and participate in events up-close, all in a beautiful and historic setting in the Adirondacks!

Tickets are now on sale for General Admission Tickets, those requiring an additional separate Special Events Ticket, and the Saturday night Elvis and Blues Brothers show. For our full Ticket Price List click {here}, and click {here} to purchase tickets.


Special Stars – This year we have five Stars from Star Trek who will be attending, plus Keir Dullea from “2001 – A Space Odyssey” (which also starred Gary Lockwood). These include (click picture for detailed biography):

Cosplay Characters: Trekonderoga is proud to announce Montreal’s Wolverine and Kitty Pride will be appearing all weekend! Also appearing Friday only, William Stryker and Angel Stardust! These popular cosplayers will be collecting for the American Cancer Society’s “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign. Come on out and meet them in person!



Guided Set Tours – Tours2tour bridgeThe most popular attraction at Trekonderoga is our meticulously re-created Enterprise sets. Take a special guided tour of the sets. It’s easy to imagine yourself an officer assigned to the Enterprise as you walk our corridors. Our crew will give you all the inside details on what it takes to build and film on these beautiful sets. This is not to be missed! Want your photo in our perfectly replicated Captain’s chair? It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Click {here} to purchase tickets.

Dinner With the Stars (ticket sales close August 1st) – On Friday night we present our most exclusive and intimate event with the Stars.  This is a unique opportunity to mix and mingle with our celebrities. No other convention offers this kind of up close and personal event. This year we are also excited that our very own Lieutenant Sulu, and accomplished comedian, Shyaporn Theerakulstit, will be the evening’s entertainment. This event sold out last year, so get your Special Event tickets now! Click {here} to purchase tickets and see the full menu for this special chicken dinner!

Ice Cream Social – From 7-9 pm Friday night we are hosting a parking lot party in front of the studio featuring the famous local ice cream icon, The Wind Chill Factory. Get to know fellow convention goers and enjoy the small town appeal of Ticonderoga. And also get to know some of our crew members and learn why folks say Star Trek New Voyages is like family!

Fireworks in the Park! A new Trekonderoga event – a special Trekonderoga fireworks show will be held in Bicentennial Park on Friday August 12 at approximately 9:15 PM (rain date August 13). This spectacular event will be put on by Republic Fireworks in the beautiful park downtown across from the North Country Community College next to the La Chute River. Admission is free to all and seating is on the grass, so feel free to bring a blanket or chair if you wish to. A great way to end the first day of Trekonderoga!

Autographs and Photo Ops with the Stars – What would any convention be without the chance to get your favorite celebrity’s autograph and have a photo with them?autograph1Transporting with Louise SorelSally Kellerman on the Bridge In addition to autograph tables, we offer two places on our sets to have your picture taken with a Star – on the bridge or on the transporter pad.

What price can you put on your memories? Get your Special Events Ticket for your photo with your favorite celebrity {here}! [Payment for autographs are made directly with the individual Star.]

Celebrity Presentations and Question and Answer Sessions:  LouisetalkWalk down Star Trek’s memory lane with BarBara Luna, Louise Sorel, Felix Silla, Michael Dante, and Beverly Washburn as they present their Star Talk Panels. Last year BarBara Luna and Louise Sorel told fun and compelling behind the scenes stories about the original series, and we eagerly look forward to what our new guests will share!  Get there early as seats will be taken up quickly! Not to be missed! Click {here} for the Schedule!

“2001 Memories”:  We are very excited this year to present Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood in a unique 2001: A Space Odyssey panel!  Don’t miss out, seating is limited for this session, which requires a Special Event ticket, and will sell out quickly!  Buy your ticket today!  Click {here}.

Presentations and Workshops:  talks JamesWe have a wide variety of presentations and workshops scheduled regarding Star Trek and other pop culture topics. Ever wonder what it’s like to actually work on a production?  From science to fantasy, they include costuming, makeup, film production, and many more!  We are excited to announce Stuart Foley of Trekyards, and Tobias Richter of Lightworks will be presenting panels this year. And our most popular presenter, James Cawley, is back again with “Star Trek at 50: A Retrospective”.   Please click {here} to meet the presenters or click {here} to see the Schedule of Events for further information.

Beam Outs:  Beaming with David GerroldTaking the Whole FamilyOne of the most unique opportunities at Trekonderoga is the chance to beam off the ship! You will be filmed in the Transporter Room exactly as we do in our episodes. Our award winning special effects artists then work their magic, and you will be sent a finished clip showing you, and your family and friends beaming away!  This is your chance to see how movie making magic works, and it isn’t offered anywhere else! See the results {here}. Click {here} to get your Special Events Ticket and reserve your spot today!

Cosplay/Costume Contest:  New this year! We are excited to present our first Cosplay Costume Contest! Come as your favorite cosplay character to watch, or join in the fun and compete on stage! With prizes awarded for Best Recreation, Best Trek Costume, Best Presentation and much, much more!! Who will take home the top prize? Click {here} for complete cosplay Rules and information.  Costumed Contestants (and spectators) must have a valid General Admission ticket, and contestants should register in advance {Click here to register}.

Elvis and The B-Movie Blues Brothers Show: On James Singing ElvisSaturday night, JameBlues Brothers in Songs Cawley, the driving force behind the creation of the Studio and of the Trekonderoga convention, will be doing his top-rated professional Elvis impersonation music review with his band, The American Longboards, and his special guests, The B-Movie Blues Brothers. This will be a rockin’, rollin’, toe tappin’ good time!! The highlight of the weekend, this is not to be missed! Tickets are open to the public, but you can get your tickets in advance by clicking {here}.

Special Vehicles and Tardis:  Blues MobileOn display just for Trekonderoga, the most iconic pop culture vehicles!  Get up close to the B-Movie BluesMobile, the Zhang Heng, and from time and space itself, the Fantasy Workshop Tardis! Photo opportunities for all vehicles available!



Trivia Contest – Join the Star Trek New Voyages Trivia Team, Ashley, Terry, and our own Trekcyclopedia Jaime “Fez” Sanchez, for a fun hour of laughs and prizes! How well do you know Star Trek and other Pop Culture? Think you can beat our Trivia Masters? Find out! We will have multiple games and a “Silent Trivia” contest. Get to know us and share your own knowledge!!



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